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Guidelines for guest posting

This is typically the meatiest part of guest post guidelines, and it covers a lot of the practical things a guest writer would need to know about contributing to this website, including:

Post length
Give a range of words a post should fall within to avoid getting tweet-length submissions or long-winded diatribes, that means the article must be in between 1500 to 2000 words.

Image requirements
It is mandatory but not more than 10.

Citing sources
Make it clear how to cite research sources and layout how these citations ought to be done.

Guidelines on links

All links are no-followed, anchor text is allowed. Only informative kinds of sites can be linked related to website niche only.

Metadata markup:
Guest posters should mark up headers and links in their posts, the links embedded, added into a comments margin, or put in brackets after the intended linking text While this sounds like a small consideration, having authors properly mark up elements of their page can save what adds up to hours of editing time.

Any unique requirements
  • If the article will not fulfill the SEO standard of the website then your article may be rejected.
  • Only website niche article will be allowed in the guest post.

Consider offering complete or simplified style guides
One of the biggest and best tools at your disposal is a style guide that lays out your voice, tone, and requirements. Whether it’s a longer document or a summarized list of bullet points, arming guest posters with this information will cut down on editing time.

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