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Monday, June 24, 2019

How Can You Be A Millionaire Using Groww App?

How Can You Be A Millionaire Using Groww App?| India Most Trusted Mutual Fund App | Groww App, an investment platform for millennial in India

This is Saimullah, you are welcome in today's blog, I will talk today about Groww App for the following topic
  • The first look of Groww app
  • How does looks interface of this app?
  • How to register and complete KYC?
  • How To Use Groww App?
  • Does Groww App perfect for Investment In Mutual Fund In 2019?
  • How To Invest In Groww App?
  • How to analyze, which SIP Plan is best for you to invest in Mutual Funds?
  • Should you use the Grow App for Mutual Fund Investment?

The first look of Groww App 

This is the very first look of Groww App while it opens on mobile to use.
First Look of Groww App

Groww lets its users invest in mutual funds, including systematic investment plan (SIP) and equity-linked saving.

How does looks interface of this app?

After the opening of the app, the very first dashboard of Groww App looks something like this as represented by the photo of that app. for the next step here we go for KYC setup then we will be able to invest money with SIP plan in mutual funds, so click on the red rectangle showing "YOU", then go for the next step ' How to register and complete KYC'.
a basic photo of The dashboard of Goww App
The dashboard of Groww App 

How to register and complete KYC?

Here as showing the various option like personal and metadata details should be filled in its proper accordance as per the requirement of information.

How To Use Grow App?

After filling personal and bank account details we already in the section of this app that “How can we use Groww App?”

The step, which followed to use Groww App in the proper way is described below a step by step­:
o   We have to find a basic icon in App drawer in installed app section of your smartphone/mobile, and then open it in a proper way.
o   After opening, you will have many options in the main interface of that application something like this as
The main interface of the application
o   In this application, the main purpose is to invest money in mutual funds of various type of sectors who are collecting funds from an individual.
o   For an investment of money in any mutual funds you should familiar with very commonly used terms in this field like SIP, SIP/ONE Time investment, SIP/ONE Time calculator, Mutual Funds related docs and track record of that funds.
o   SIP: This term known for Systematic Investment Plan, in this plan any customer can plan to invest their funds for a long time with a decided plan like 500 or 1000 INR Rupees Per month.
o   ONE TIME INVESTMENT: This type of investment held only for one-time investment by making transaction credit to investor management.
o   SIP/ONE TIME CALCULATOR: In SIP Calculator you can predict the total equity at the end of the tier of investment, the amount that you have to get the actual returns for your investment in mutual funds.

Does Groww App perfect for Investment In Mutual Fund In 2019?

Yeah! In my opinion, you should use the GROWW APP to invest your money at right play by analyzing the previous data of that holding which is acquiring your money through this application. There is much reason are here to use the Groww app to invest our money in the right place.
  • This is the top valuable and trustable application for investment through mutual funds.
  • Loss in your amount is very much rare because the all collected money does invest under the top stock marketer expert.
  • For any query, you can even, contact their team personally.
  • You will think that where the information will get to contact then please be don’t mind. All the required information will be available in the main card of your investment section.

How To Invest In Groww App?

To invest in any mutual funds, then follow the following steps accordingly-
  • Open the application from the app drawer of your smartphone then, you will see something like this.
  • After few seconds you will see the man dashboard of that app. In which various option will be available like Explore, Dashboard, and Account etc.
  • To invest, click on the search bar and select your investing mutual funds group/company/funding or select the option available “better than FD” in handpicked collection section of dashboard of Groww App as shown below.
  • After selection of “Better than FD” you have to select the good mutual fund of any company, in similar way I selected one “Franklin India Low Duration Fund – direct-growth".
  • After selection of any mutual funds you have to analyse the whole available track record of that funding graphs as represented below.
  • You can see above a track graph which is elliptically represented above in figure. So I’m trying to say that you have to select only those mutual funds which have only growing graph in constant way as you can see above.
  • After analysing the funds graph then you have to move for “SIP/ONE Time Calculator”, using this you have to calculate the total upcoming funds for a mind marked of a long time minimum for three year investment for minimum SIP or Large SIP. That’s totally depends upon you.
  • You can choose one time investment also, but the best one preferable investments are goes to “SIP Plan”.
  • The total calculated amount can see here in this section as you can see there below.
  • The obvious thing is the refunds that you can collect any time as per your desire and according to the calculator the refunds benchmark shows me something like this.
  • For any type of investment you must have complete knowledge regarding any investment in any mutual fund so, this Groww App gives you complete Pros/Cons in it’s a best prescribes section as showing below.
  • You can also compare your investing mutual funds with other investing group of funds which interface shows something like this.
  • Your money is less or more, doesn’t matter because it keeps lots of value to you so, you must have knowledge that who much dominates to your funding groups. Which can find in this section as shown.
  • The very much important this is the details about the “fund manager” of your fund that you are going to invest in this mutual fund groups so, you can get direct contact information in this section as showing below.
  • The very much important thing is that what is the all information about your mutual fund company, all stuff will get through just one click in the “about mutual fund”.
  • The last section is “Similar Funds”, here you will found that which are the similar funds to my selected fund, the section looks like as below.


This Groww App is recommended for mutual fund investment, but keep one thing in your mind that before investing you should read every term and condition especially in the time locking term and conditions. 
This Groww App is number one mutual fund investment app in the market right now.

 Author- "Saimullah"

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