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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Who is Saimullah

Who is Saimullah

Saimullah is the blog ownner of https://saimullah.com/ your friend, web host and blog host also.
"Here is the question that why I chose blogging? "
— The answer of mine will be that blogging is the only way which will tell you minute and minutes, second and second that it can change even your life and your thinking style and the way that you living daily and limiting yourself in a boundary space that you are defining day by day. So I decided that there is a lot of time that I have why am I not choosing anything that, which would more interesting for me and the best way for improving the skill of writing and thinking capacity also.
This Is An Image Of Saimullah
Saim Ullah The BlogHost


I am doing bachelor in technology in the department of Civil engineering at PCE, Purnea.
I have some skill that I can easily perform and manage at my own. which are, as the following listed out here
  • Website management
  • Database Operation
  • Graphics work
  • PPT Design
  • Logo design
  • Photoshop
  • AutoCad

About My Education; SAIMULLAH

Schooling education of mine was completed from a small boarding 🏫 school near my village that had distance of total 3.5 KM from my home. And then rest education till 12th class I studied in Patna and then after I moved for engineering course in civil engineering field. 

Current Education

After counseling for my admission I got Purnea College Of Engineering in the department of Civil Engineering, now I am going to be turn toward third year student of Engineering after my final semester examination of fourth semester.
saimullah is studing in Purnea College Of Engineering, Purnea
An Image of my college

Why I chose blogging?

Here I have already told that why I chose blogging for basic information go at the top of the page you will get it.
saimullah blogging sample using stock images
A Basic Image Showing The Blog Writing

 For more information please read all the stuff that I am being here to write —
   —"The online stuffs is going towards at the peak day by day, if your are a little bit knowledge keeper then you must have knowledge regarding the stuffs of Internet works then you must have a website for making your self better in the global market of online world".

My Blogging Journey

Today 11th of June, 2K19 is the day of my starting life in the blogging field for the writing the stuffs for people who will found the things that will be helpful for them. Basically I will share the things details in my blog post for various things available online. Basically I will update you with Amazing products that will be the solution give to you.
"In my next Blog Post I will tell you about my niche for that I will work at my blog"

a photo of saimullah with smiling face

Thanks for being here.
Best regards,

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