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FaceApp is the AI-based integrated android and ios application.

FaceApp is the AI-based integrated android and ios application.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is the AI-based technology application for the android and ios mobile platform. And it was developed by Russian company Wireless Lab which uses neural network technology to automatically generate a highly realistic rendering of human faces in their actual photographs. The app can render a photograph of sad style into smiling faces, look younger, look older, or can change gender with very much realistic graphics rendering. 

Point to be discussed one by one-

  • Explained FaceApp
  • Features of this app
  • Where to download the FaceApp?
  • What is the face aging app?
  • What's the app that makes you old?
  • What does FaceApp Hollywood filter do?
  • How can a man make his face look younger?
  • What apps make you look pretty?
  • Tutorial to edit photos by FaceApp
  • FaceApp privacy concerns that raised against it
  • What Developers says?
  • How do I delete my data on FaceApp account?

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Explained FaceApp
As I discussed earlier what is the FaceApp application? Now, keep in mind that this application is developed in Russia by a start-up company in the year 2017, but this company is using their hosting of USA based company of Amazon which is known by AWS Services. So, the data storing process is doing by USA Server. And FaceApp is trending on number one in the App Store and Play Store across 121 countries in all over the world.
Features of this app
This app is developed on the basis of AI-friendly coding and it uses that code to render the actual photo into commanded photo like age processing, hair styling, young face, old face, perfect selfie with just one tap, and get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps, the most advance neural portrait editing technology, etc.

Where to download the FaceApp?


Click here, to download FaceApp form Play Store

Click here, to download FaceApp form App Store

A new page will be opened and tap on install button and get installed.

What is the face aging app? | What's the app that makes you old?


It is not a new thing but you will analyze very closer to it then you will found that now-these-days the technology varies day by day so this platform comes to provide itself as a tool to analyze that how will we look like in old ages in future. It tells very much accurately. Because it has been integrated into the AI-based code of programming by its developer team. Their hard work is in the image in front of people of worlds.

What does FaceApp Hollywood filter do?

Well, it is able to integrate a photo of young age into old age of a man or women. Then it is totally clear that this application only reforms only the face of anybody. Then, it should be clear that there is no other program is to do to reform a panoramic picture into Hollywood like graphics picture, “it can’t render a picture into Hollywood photography”. It can only apply various filter available in it only for the face.

How can a man make his face look younger? | What apps make you look pretty?

Using FaceApp you can change your photos into younger look by AI-processing feature of that application but keep one thing in your mind that internet connection should be activated in your smartphone for data processing.

Tutorial to edit photos by FaceApp

  1. Tap the application to open it on your mobile.
  2. Now the main interface of that application will be there on your mobile screen, something like this.
  3. Now you will have to allow the permissions to access the photos.
  4. After allowing the permission you can see your photos at the main interface of that application, and then you can select the desired photo to edit that, select and proceed for the next step to edit the photos.

  1. its editing process is very cool, you don’t have to do any complicated things “the process is- just tap and tap only” as showing in the picture

  1. After applying your desired filters you can group many photos in just one square like college styles etc. as showing below.

FaceApp privacy concerns that raised against it
The main thing comes now for that FaceApp is facing criticism day by day. Because of many unwanted asking permission during the installation of this application is required, the asking permission can be seen in a sample photograph while its installation. 

The permissions are– 


  • Take pictures and videos


  • Read the content of your USB Storage 
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB Storage


  • Have full network access
  • View network connection
  • Prevent phone from sleeping
  • Play install referrer API
  • Google Play billing services
  • Receive data from the internet
  • Read Google service configuration

In all access, it doesn’t appear as dangerous as in other section. Its main criticizing reason for the permission asking in other section “read Google service configuration”

It also asks for the “receive data from the internet” it also appears scary thing for sensitive data.

What Developers says?

FaceApp team: The developer says that nothing is scary for our application users. We ask all these permissions only because of its processing work is very much highly defined coding based on AI-artificial intelligence and the final graphics rendering process is possible only on the server not possible on every smartphone because all smartphone doesn’t support AI-features. Whereas the matter of data storing and privacy concerns then don’t worry about it because of all users data are stored on the server in encrypted form and company don’t share data to any third party, so relax and use the application without hesitation.

How do I delete my data on FaceApp?
It is pretty difficult but not impossible.

Follow these steps:

  • You have to just tap on setting logo
  • Select report bugs and send logs
  • Write the request letter in writing section and submit the ‘bug’ and then your data will be deleted shortly.


My fare opinion is that-  FaceApp application doesn’t tell to create an account to use their platform. You are free to use that application without crating account in it. For filtration of the picture, you are just putting only you photo not any other details, “without a name or any other confidential information the only photo can’t be linked or retrieve data from another side.

So, you can use FaceApp without any hesitation.

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