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How To Protect By Hiding Files, Folders & Drives in PC

You can Protect your Files, Folders, Drives, and Data just after following a few steps which are very clearly defined and explained. Keeping your data protected is a very important thing because many peoples may use your PC, Desktop or Laptop so, you should keep your data protected without taking any risk.

How Can We Protect Our Files, Folders, Drives, And Data

You don't have to go in very much lengthy kinds of stuff like installing of paid software and then you will. But here, we will see that, how can we handle our data in forms of Files, Folders, Drives, and Data of our PC that is why you don't have to paid money to companies.


  1. Recognize Folder/Drive/File
  2. Right-click
  3. Go into properties
  4. Check "hidden" option
  5. Click on "Apply"
  6. Click on "OK"
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Watch video For More Clarity:

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