Monday, April 13, 2020

Best Podcast In World

Best Podcast In World,  Here I will talk about the Best Podcast application ever across the world. So, after many research on many search engines for best one podcast and it's hassle-free use. Then, I found the Google Podcast, so I'm here with Google Podcast. And many reasons like Why Should We Prefer Sometimes For Podcast?, Why is Podcasting Important?, Are Podcast Still Popular?, What Exactly are Podcast?, Pros and Cons of Podcast, Best, What is The Most Downloaded Podcast?

Why Should We Prefer Sometimes For Podcast?

The main reason to prefer podcast in this area of technology is the brain draining in work and will sight draining on looking for screens of gadgets. So, sometimes we should prefer to listen important things via wireless and screenless gadgets (online radio which produced media in cover only).

Why Is Podcasting Important?

In this fast growing generation Podcasting is important because of gadget screening problem and it's affectance on human eye.

Are Podcast Still Popular 2019?

Well, according to me, Podcasting is still very popular globally because many people prefer to listen various type of Podcast like News, Discovery, Science, Economy and Careers etc.

What Exactly Are Podcast?

According to me any my research the definition of Podcast should be— it is a tool to broadcast media in form of voice thought satellite to the mobile. And it's having many pros and cons

Pros & Cons of Podcast

Pros for Podcast are—
  • Hassle free
  • No eye stress
  • It can be scheduled throughout time of your choices
Cons for Podcast are—
  • Can't viewing facility on need
  • Can't be broadcast on TV

What is The Most Popular Podcast?

After doing lots of research then, I'm writing this blog for your convenience to hassle free use, the I found Google Podcast. There are many reasons to select it.
Reason to select the Google Podcast are
  • Its size 
  • Smooth performance
  • Stable network connection
  • Best channels across world
  • Free platform
  • It's interface
  • User-friendly App

How To Setup Google Podcast?

  1. First of all you need this Google Podcast application and so, you will have to download it from play store by following above highlited word.
  2. After the complete the process of installation you have to open and login through your Google Account.
  3. Now you will see the interface of this application something like this as follows
  4. For channel setup process you have to simply click on the search bar and subscribe it like YouTube. the search bar can be seen as follows.


Overall you can also conclude that— should you user it or not. It completely depends on you.


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