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Google Chrome Track Your Browsing at every moment

Does Chrome Track Your Browsing at Every Moment?

Today I'm here to talk, Does Google Chrome Track Your Browsing at every moment when you looks for any thing on Google search engine through Google Chrome Browser? — Then after analysis throughout this phenomenon, I found in reality— Google Tracks oir every moments when we browse any thing in Google Search Engine. So, we will talk about many factors as described as follow:
  1. Does Google Chrome Track Your Browsing?
  2. What are the disadvantages of it?
  3. How do I turn off tracking in that?
  4. How do I stop websites from tracking me?
  5. What is the difference between Google and this browser?
  6. Is there a Do Not Track option in Chrome?
  7. Does Google know everything about me? 
  8. Can my phone be tracked if Location Services is off?
  9. Does a VPN stop Google tracking?

Does Google Chrome Track Your Browsing?

In my fare opinion yeah! Google Tracks your activity. Reason behind this —

  • If you allowed Google, then it will track you.
  • If Google opinion is also yeah. That it tracks you for making their products much more better for their customers and building good service to all.
  • If you permit website to accept cookies and allows to bring notification to you then, they also tracks you.

What Are Disadvantage of Google Chrome?

In fare opinion there are no any Disadvantage of Google Chrome.
  • Chrome usage lots of Ram Memory when it runs on mobile.
  • When you close the Chrome Browser then it closes all the open tabs without warning.

How Do I turn off Tracking in Google Chrome

Yeah! Obviously, You can turn off manually ' Tracking in Google Chrome ' by following the following step:
  1. First of all you have to open the Google Chrome app from your all drawer.
  2. Now you have to select the three dots as shown in pics.
    Does Google Chrome Track Your Browsing at every moment?
  3. Now you have the many option so you have to select. Now, you have to click on the setting option as highlighted in picture.
    Does Google Chrome Track Your Browsing at every moment?
  4. Now you have the setting window so you have to go for the' privacy ' option. By selecting this option forward to the next.
    Does Google Chrome Track Your Browsing at every moment?

  5. You got the main option that you have required. Go for the "Do Not Track" option as highlighted in picture.
    Google Tracking
  6. By clicking the"Do Not Track" you can off or on this feature—you have a new window in which the Do Not Track option is discribed as— " it's means that a request will be included with your Browsing traffic. Any event depends on weather a website responds, to the request, and how the request is interpreted"
    Google Tracking

How Do I Stops Websites From Tracking me?

When ever you go at any website though Google Chrome, then most of those websites generally asks you to allow for notification from their feed of posting and blog and many more of theirs. Something like this.
Google Tracking

Then generally, most of the people allows it and after that they can track your activity on many platform during web surfing. If any of them are not existing with SSL Certificate then, it may be possible that your data will be compromised in any regards.

How To Disable Tracking The Websites in Google Chrome.

In fare words, I can't say that Google Chrome are exactly tracking you. Because any reputed website can't make any mistakes by which they may suffer. So, they used your behavior on the robotic base to make their products more useful to their consumers. If any website who doesn't have the SSL Certificate then you should not allow to track by cookies. "That means just cancel the notification that you will get just after landing on the page of that website"

What is difference between Google and Google Chrome?

The difference is very clear which is— 
Google—it understand for just a search engine Which is a program that helps to find the many results for any reached question by the Search Engine.
Google Chrome—it understands for a browser which works to input the value and question and it sends to the search engines and shows the results on the page.

Is There Don't Track Option In The Chrome?

Yeah! Don't Track Option is available in the Google Chrome as shown in picture
Google Tracking
You can arrive at this option by following the instructions as mentioned below:
 "Open Google Chrome>>click on the three dots>>Settings>>Privacy>>Don't Track

Does Google Chrome know everything about me?

Ummm🙄, in reality Google Chrome doesn't know everything about you. According to me, If you fills each details in Google in just required forms then your information is stored on their server but if you don't provide your information to Google then it is Impossible to gather your information. But many experts says different-different thing about that on the basis of the personal assumptions.

Can my phone be tracked by Google Chrome if Location Services is off?

No! It is  to not possibletrack your location with your real co-ordinates. But, you must aware regarding this—Cell Phone Real-Time Tracking is illegal to operate. If you found that you do this then legal actions can be implemented through 'Police Personnels'

Does a VPN Stop Google Chrome Tracking?

No! A VPN Allows you to divert your real-time location place to place globally, it doesn't prevent you for your activity that you takes on browsing page in Google Chrome.


In this blog I reviewed the "Don't Track" option in Google chrome. And also I told you through this blog that you should use the"Don't Track" option and torrent back on for all the time. It protects your activity on webpages.


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